Saturday, 1 June 2013

Wholesale Djembe Drums from

Good news to all music lovers out there, especially those loved drums and love playing reggae music as offers the most affordable wholesale djembe drums in the market. For those who don't know what these drums are, djembe drums type of drums producing a very loud noise usually played by men. These drums are common in the Western World.

Our djembe drums come in assorted designs such as dotted color, deep carving or just plain designs. In addition, our drums also have adjustable strings mainly for tuning the sound. Most are in plain wood, some with color painting or carvings. Brown or dark brown / near black djembe drums with sheep skin on surface, also adjustable alpine string to tune the sound, randomly picked by our staffs. Hand made in Bali Indonesia. For more information about this product, please call us to find out what design (plain, carved or painted) are available in the current inventory for each size of the djembes. You may also visit the Drums musical instrument section of our site for more information and on how to order.

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